Frequently asked questions

I Am Having Trouble Signing Up

It is possible that your "Sign Up" request went through without the proper password being attached. Please attempt to "Log In" and request a manual password reset and see if that fixes the issue. If this does not work please contact customer support and they will manuall reset the system and provide you with instructions on how to activate your account.

I Can't Access Portions of the Website

DreamSIM is a paid subscription based program. If you have not purchased a paid subscription, then most sections of this website will remain inaccessable. If you have purchased a paid subscription and still cannot access sections of the website, please contact customer support.

No Classes Are Currently Scheduled and I Would Like to Subscribe

Upcoming Classes are always listed on the subscription page. If no class is listed, then it means nothing is currently scheduled. Classes require 7-10 participants to begin. If you don't see a class date scheduled, please contact customer support so that a new class date can be added. A notice will be posted when the class reaches the minimum number of students interested and removed when the maximum number of students have registered.

My Small Group Assignment Shows Morning/Evening and I Thought It was an Evening/Morning

All times listed are based upon CDT in the United States. If you are registered for DreamSIM from another time zone you will need to adjust accordingly. For example Tuesday morning small groups will occur on Tuesday evenings in Hong Kong. All other portions of the program should be able to be completed on your own time table.

When Should I View My Weekly Lesson

Lessons should be viewed far enough in advance of your scheduled small group time that you are able to complete that week's assignments prior to participation in your small group. It is our strong suggestion that Lessons should be viewed at least 5 days prior to your scheduled small group.

How Long Do I Have to Complete My Weekly Assignments

You get as much out of this program as you put in. Weekly assignments are exactly that - assignments expected to be completed during the week they are assigned. After viewing your Weekly Lesson you should begin assignments immediately to insure sufficient time for completing them prior to your scheduled small group session. Conversation, questions and interaction during your scheduled small group time will often be centered around that week's assignments and you will not get the most out of the small group time if you have not completed them.

I am Uncomfortable Completing a Weekly Assignment

This program is designed to stretch you beyond simple understanding of dream interpretation and into a place where it can be utilized to touch the lives of people around you. Some degree of discomfort is to be expected, but if the assignment causes undue anxiety or fear that rises above simple nervous tension, please contact customer support so we can help you get through the process or find alternative exercises to suggest.