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Michael B. French

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Michael B. French


Visit Michael's Website dedicated to Biblical Dream Interpretation:

The Elisha Way

What People are Saying


The more I got into Fresh Bread, the more I enjoyed and benefited from it.  Thank You Michael French!  I believe it is an excellent book, not just for individuals, but also for small groups to do a chapter a week.


This book is a balanced, biblical, and long-overdue treatment of a subject that has a history of abuse


The Elisha Way is a radical, innovative and inspiring approach to discipleship.  Michael's insightful melding of the need for fathers to want to be fathers and the need for sons to want to be sons - if followed - would revolutionize the Body of Christ

Tony Cooke,
Streams Training Center, England

R.T. Kendall,

Former Senior Minister, Westminster Chapel, London, England

John Paul Jackson,
Streams Ministries International


Michael B. French received his call into the ministry, after practicing law for more than 10 years. Since 1990, he has ministered all around the world. He served with and taught for John Paul Jackson and Streams Ministries for over 15 years.  Michael traveled with and for John Paul and was mentored by him until his death in 2015.  He pastored The Bridge Birmingham for 17 years and now serves as president of Patria Ministries, an international family of pastors, itinerants and marketplace ministers.

He is the author of The Elisha Way: Preparing for the Double Portion,  Remedy: Exercising God's Authority in Your Life (which he co-wrote with his father, Bill French) and Fresh Bread: Finding Your Daily Portion in the Lord's Prayer. Michael has authored a new book to be released in Spring of 2017: Dream Stories: Unlocking Your Night Parables.
Michael and his wife, Elisa, live in Leeds, Alabama. They have four sons - Joshua (married to Michelle), Caleb, Jacob and Noah.

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