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The Links Below May be Used to Contribute to Various Ministries Supported by Patria

James 1:27 Fund:

*Please note that for legal reasons, in order to insure that recipients have no tax consequences and to insure the deductibility of your contribution  - funds directed to individuals may be utilized for other purposes when there is no longer a need for the individual suggested by a donor or at the discretion of Patria Ministries.

Diane Jackson (Widow)

Joyce French (Widow)

Pavilion Village (Orphans)

Patria Bible College:
     General Fund
     Scholarship Fund

GENERAL MISSIONS                                         Coming Soon 
HONDURAS - Nathan & Kathy Brown              
INDIA - Benito & Lavenia Rogtao                     Coming Soon
KENYA (Karatina) - John & Agnes Murage
KENYA (Nairobi) - Antony Irungu                      
Coming Soon
KENYA (Chevakali) - Evans Achanga                 Coming Soon
MEXICO - Beau Barton                                      Coming Soon
SLOVAKIA - Aaron & Marta McCauley             
UGANDA - Edward Baleke                                Coming Soon

If you are a missions organization that is a part of Patria and not listed here or your donation link is not yet available, please contact the office asap.

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