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Transitional Housing for Ukrainian Refugees

Meet Aaron and Marta McCauley.  The McCauley's are a part of the Patria Ministries worldwide family of leaders.   Aaron is from Ireland and his wife Marta is a native of Slovakia.  They live in a large multi-level home in Budmerice, Slovakia - approximately 300 miles from the Ukrainian border (750 miles from Kyiv).   The McCauley's have been renovating the home they live in for some time in anticipation of using one floor for ministry purposes and this is the perfect time to utilize it.  100% of donations contributed here will be utilized for the purposes of making the space allocated livable for Ukrainian refugees.  Once the crisis is over and the transitional housing is no longer needed, the space will be utilized as a base for missions and other ministry endeavors in the region.  

Home in Budmerice, Slovakia.  Left to right, Marta McCauley, Aaron McCauley, Michal Steiner, Martina Belejova, Mário Tomášik (three members of a local community also assisting with Ukrainian relief efforts) and Michael French (founder of Patria Ministries visiting in the McCauley Home)  


We have raised approximately  $2500 of $5,000 that  is needed for initial project costs that will provide private access to the living space.  Excess funds will be used to improve the living space and provide support such as transportation, food and clothing as needed for the refugees.

Update from McCauley's:

The situation is charging week by week. Over 300,000 refugees have transited via Slovakia. Some stay but many transit to other countries where family are or where the support is more. So currently we will prepare some accommodation as a temporary changing station.  We would offer temporary accommodation and work with Ukrainian pastors located in the area.  We need to kit out one room, shower and toilet area. This should be quite straight forward I think we should ready by the end of April. We are still planning for the long term accommodation.  However the immediate need is temporarily accommodation. We are so thankful for your help and support.

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